New release info for J.D. Reager and The Subteens

Back to the Light Records is proud to announce the release of both J.D. Reager’s new album Where Wasn’t I? and The Subteens’ new album Vol 4: Dashed Hopes & Good Intentions! Both will available on vinyl LP and digital formats on October 14. Preorder J.D.’s album here. Preorder The Subteens’ album here. For those in Memphis who want a

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New episode: 100th Episode Media Scrum with Marvin Stockwell, Chris Davis, Magpie Nonconnah and Graham Burks – LIVE from the Memphis Listening Lab

Host J.D. Reager reads a brief statement before taking questions from a small gathering of media members at the Memphis Listening Lab to celebrate 100 episodes of Back to the Light. J.D. also announces the long-awaited release date – October 14 – for both his new album and the new album by The Subteens.  The Back to the Light podcast

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