Podcast Network

Back to the Light

Musician and music writer J.D. Reager talks to friends and fellow creatives – musicians, comedians, filmmakers, etc. – about the artistic process, maintaining mental health, and silencing self-doubt.

Of Marks and Men: A Wrestling Podcast

Two lifelong fans dig into highs and lows of professional wrestling. Hosted by Brian Balough and J.D. Reager.

Champions of the Lost Causes

What makes us take up causes others think are impossible? What draws others to the cause, bonds us together and gives us an inexhaustible energy and an unwavering belief that we’ll succeed? Host Marvin Stockwell draws on his own experiences and talks to fellow Champions about the successes, setbacks and team dynamics that move a cause forward.

The Shangri-La Podcast

Host and Shangri-La Records alum J.D. Reager presents monthly updates about the store, music recommendations from current Shangri-La staffers and exclusive live music performances from our favorite Memphis musicians.

Memphis Hardwood

Memphis and hardwood have been synonymous since the city was founded in 1819. Throughout the 19th century and early 20th century, hardwood was the city’s economic heart – right alongside cotton. For much of the 20th and 21st centuries, basketball was and continues to be the city’s civic heart. Memphis Hardwood is a place where we talk about hoops in hoop city, offering weekly updates on the Memphis Grizzlies and, sometimes, the Memphis Tigers.

Kudzu Conservationist League Radio Hour

Online counterpart to the Kudzu Conservationist League Radio Hour which airs every Friday from Noon to 2pm CST on 102.5 KUHS-FM and on kuhsradio.org. Every week your host Joshua Travis brings you an aggressively eclectic lineup of songs from both established and lesser known artists from around the globe.