New episode: The Idea and the Energy with Sherman Willmott (Memphis Listening Lab, Shangri-La Projects)

Host J.D. Reager talks to Sherman Willmott about the newly opened Memphis Listening Lab and the vast collection of music it houses, the journey from selling Stax bricks at Shangri-La Records to the creation of the Stax Museum, making the professional wrestling documentary Memphis Heat, and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives him.  J.D. also makes a big announcement about a

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The Back to the Light Records and Network Fundraiser is live!

Hello, friends of Back to the Light! We’ve decided to launch a little fundraiser via GoFundMe to help us move forward on a few important projects. Please check it out and consider donating or sharing, everything helps! Here’s the pitch from the GoFundMe page: “Hi! I’m J.D. Reager and I need your help funding future Back to the Light  Records &

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New episode: Mark Edgar Stuart on the Shangri-La Records Podcast

Unfortunately, due to to technical difficulties the Back to the Light podcast has been postponed this week. . . but fear not, the Shangri-La Records Podcast is here a few days early to save the day! Host and Shangri-La Records alum J.D. Reager talks to store co-owner John Miller about the most recent batch of Record Store Day drops and

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