The Back to the Light Records and Network Fundraiser is live!

Hello, friends of Back to the Light!

We’ve decided to launch a little fundraiser via GoFundMe to help us move forward on a few important projects. Please check it out and consider donating or sharing, everything helps!

Here’s the pitch from the GoFundMe page:

“Hi! I’m J.D. Reager and I need your help funding future Back to the Light  Records & Network projects, including:

– physical product pressings for planned Back to the Light label releases

– website re-design & hosting

–  long overdue equipment (computer) upgrades

I started Back to the Light as a single podcast in April of 2020 after losing my record store job due to the pandemic. What began as essentially a highly personal pet project to keep me from wigging out has since expanded (thanks to a few big guests and a lot of help from friends) into a bona fide network including four unique podcasts (Back to the Light , The ShangriLa Records Podcast , The Jack Alberson SongStory  and Kudzu Conservationist League Radio Hour ) AND a full-fledged record label with a roster currently including myself , Tape Deck  and Two Way Radio  – and future releases planned by myself (of course), Jeremy Scott , Loose Opinions ,Jack Alberson and hopefully others! 

So, suffice it say: this ain’t no vanity project – and as the community around me continues to grow, so do our aspirations.  Your help could be the difference between the whole thing sinking or swimming in 2021.  Thank you for your consideration.   Every donation, every like, every share – it all helps and means a lot to me. “