New episode: Everything with Jeff Jarrett (My World, WWE Hall of Fame) and Brian Balough (You Look Like A Comedy Show)

Host J.D. Reager talks to professional wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett about his hardcore feud with The Moondogs in Memphis, transitioning from babyface to heel in WWE, his new persona “The Last Outlaw,” the expansion of WrestleMania weekend, and the power of sobriety. Then wrestling expert Brian Balough returns to discuss Jarrett’s legacy, WrestleMania, All Elite Wrestling, and more.   Available

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New episode: Hard Times with J.Robot (Blindcopy), Brian Balough (You Look Like A Comedy Show) and Joshua McLane (HEELS)

Host J.D. Reager digs in to the new Blindcopy song “Hard Times,” which he sang and co-wrote.  First, Blindcopy founder J.Robot discusses the song’s musical origins and J.D. shares his inspiration for the lyrics.  Then musician/comedian Joshua McLane (HEELS) performs a dramatic reading of Dusty Rhodes’ legendary “hard times” promo and Brian Balough (You Look Like A Comedy Show) chats

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