New episode: Best of 2020 Volume 2

Host J.D. Reager and guest producer Brendan Danley present the second in a 2-part collection of favorite moments from the very first year of Back to the Light – and it’s a super-sized doozy! Clips include Kate Crowder (Two Way Radio), John Forbes (Tijuana Hercules, Mount Shasta), Kelly English (Restaurant Iris), Ross Johnson (Panther Burns, Alex Chilton), Roger Manning Jr.

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New episode: Threesome with Roger Manning Jr., Tim Smith and Eric Dover (The Lickerish Quartet, Jellyfish)

Host J.D. Reager kicks things off by spinning “Snollygoster Goon,” the new single off of The Lickerish Quartet‘s new E.P. Threesome Vol. 2.  Then he talks to Roger Manning Jr., Tim Smith and Eric Dover about collaborating in The Lickerish Quartet and Jellyfish, their individual work with Ringo Starr, Beck, Noel Gallagher, Slash’s Snakepit and Alice Cooper, and how the

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