New episode: The Steamroller with Rachel Maxann and Doug Walker (Dream Crusher Hope Smasher)

Host J.D. Reager talks to musicians Rachel Maxann and Doug Walker (Dream Crusher Hope Smasher) at Doug’s home studio in Memphis. They discuss Rachel’s new album Black Fae (which Doug produced), Rachel’s journey as a musician, J.D. and Doug’s musical history, Rachel’s other career as a therapist, and more. The Back to the Light podcast is available via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and everywhere fine podcasts

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New episode: A City of Choice with Elizabeth Cawein (Music Export Memphis), Graham Winchester (Turnstyles, Reigning Sound) and Rachel Maxann

Host J.D. Reager talks to Music Export Memphis founder Elizabeth Cawein and the busiest person in Memphis music, Graham Winchester, on location at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis. Then he talks to musician Rachel Maxann on location at InDo in Nashville, and Rachel performs “Better Off Dead” and “Breathe” live. The Back to the Light podcast is available via

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