New episode: A Long Journey with Elizabeth King and Mark Edgar Stuart

Host J.D. Reager talks to gospel singer Elizabeth King about performing with The Gospel Souls in the early ’70s, why her recording career took a nearly 50-year hiatus, and the making of her comeback album, Living In The Last Days. Then, singer-songwriter and session musician Mark Edgar Stuart calls in to talk about his experiences working with Ms. King on

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New episode: Don’t Say It, Show It with John Paul Keith

Host J.D. Reager kicks off the show by spinning “How Can You Walk Away,” the first single off of Memphis musician John Paul Keith‘s new album The Rhythm of the City.  Then J.D. and J.P. have a lengthy conversation about the recent siege on the Capital, the legacy of Donald Trump, writing and recording his new album, mentoring fellow songwriter

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New episode: Mark Edgar Stuart on the Shangri-La Records Podcast

Unfortunately, due to to technical difficulties the Back to the Light podcast has been postponed this week. . . but fear not, the Shangri-La Records Podcast is here a few days early to save the day! Host and Shangri-La Records alum J.D. Reager talks to store co-owner John Miller about the most recent batch of Record Store Day drops and

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