New episode: Memphis Knights with Cheyenne Marrs and Neal Lathem (s p a c e r) + Harry Koniditsiotis (5 and Dime Recording)

Host J.D. Reager talks to new friends Cheyenne Marrs and Neal Lathem from the Memphis band s p a c e r and old friend Harry Koniditsiotis (5 and Dime Recording, 901 Toys, The Switchblade Kid) about making music, not “forcing it,” recovery, and friendship. J.D. also spins “L.A.” from s p a c e r’s new EP.

This episode was recorded at 5 and Dime Recording.

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Cheyenne Marrs, Harry Koniditsiotis, J.D. Reager and Neal Lathem at 5 and Dime Recording – August 2022