New episode: Breakfast with Lamont Dozier, Barbara Dozier and Fred Mollin

Host J.D. Reager shares something truly special from his personal archives: a lo-fi “field recording” of his 2017 conversation over breakfast at the Peabody Hotel with music legend Lamont Dozier (Holland-Dozier-Holland, Motown Records, etc.), producer Fred Mollin, and Lamont’s late wife Barbara Dozier. They discuss the recording for what would become Lamont’s 2018 solo album Reimagination, the singular inspiration behind several Motown classics, how Lamont’s solo work has been reinterpreted by modern hip-hop and soul artists, and much more.  

This interview was originally conducted for an article in the Memphis Flyer which was published on August 3, 2017.     

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Fred Mollin and Lamont Dozier at Royal Studios in Memphis, 2017.
Lamont Dozier and J.D. Reager in Memphis, 2017