New Episode: Live From Gonerfest 18 Part 1 with Alicja Trout (Alicja-Pop, Lost Sounds), Mike McCarthy (Guerrilla Monster Films), Graham Burks (Loose Opinions) and Jared McStay (Shangri-La Records, So Gung Ho)

Host J.D. Reager presents the first of a three-part series of episodes recorded live at Gonerfest 18 in Memphis, TN.  This installment features lively conversations with Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds, River City Tanlines, Sweet Knives, Alicja-Pop, Sharkteef), Mike McCarthy (Guerrilla Monster Films, Time Warp Drive-In, Teenage Tupelo), Graham Burks (Loose Opinions) and Jared McStay (Shangri-La Records, The Simpletones, So Gung Ho).  

Thanks to Goner Records for letting us do this!

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J.D. Reager, Mike McCarthy and engineer Eric Wilson at Gonerfest 18
J.D. Reager and Jared McStay at Gonerfest 18