New song: “Waking Life (I’m Wearing Out)” out now!

I wrote this both about the general feelings of isolation associated with the pandemic, and about a specific incident between myself and some old friends a couple of years ago where I behaved less than ideally. The past, the good and the bad, the pain and the joy, is all gone and can’t be brought back or re-litigated, no matter how much we think we need that. The more clear path is to be present and mindful of who we are, together, right now, forgive each other, and move on. That’s what this song is about.
Everyone who played on it made it beautiful.

Features Memphis and Chicago homies Jeremy Stanfill and Josh Cosby (Star & Micey), Jeff Hulett (Snowglobe), Matt Jencik (Implodes) and Andrew Geraci (at least 100 Memphis bands).